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People we have helped

The following individuals have all benefited from the service provided by CMVES. They have kindly agreed to share their stories with you but we have changed their names to respect their privacy.


I served for 15 years before being medically discharged. When I joined I didn’t have any qualifications, but I did a few while in service but nothing that I thought was much use.  I needed some help getting my head around coming out and also what I could do. That’s when I was put in touch with the staff at CMVES.  They helped me think about what I enjoyed. I actually enjoyed drawing so with their help I put together a portfolio and even though I had no formal qualifications all my experience and the portfolio got me into Uni and now I’m doing an art degree and because its fully funded by the MoD I don’t have to worry as much.


For personal reasons I couldn’t complete four years of training and I was gutted because I had seen it as my whole future. I was struggling and not from round here but I was put in touch with staff at CMVES and they came to meet me.  I was quite negative and I must have been a right pain but they persevered and followed me up after two weeks and in a way they gave me some motivation.  I started back at college part time to get my basic quals while I was working and now I’m doing an access course. I really want to work in sports.


I’m waiting for my resettlement, I’ve signed up to Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and will do everything I can to make this an easy journey but I found all the information a bit daunting about courses etc, so it was great to chat with someone from CMVES and work it all out. I’m clearer now and will do some additional study while I’m still serving.


I have been a Combat Medical Technician (CMT) during my time in service and now I want to be a paramedic. Didn’t know how to do this but now I do after a good chat which was informal and informative.


I came out of the navy after a med discharge, nothing dramatic, but I couldn’t carry on. Before I joined I always wanted to be a dental nurse but didn’t know if that was still an option.  So I got a referral to the staff here and they helped me with my CV, I got a job in a dental practice and did my dental training alongside.