From uniformed services to civilian life,
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Military Service Personnel

It doesn’t matter how long you have been out of service, there are a range of options open to you.


Your wealth of experience and your in-service qualifications are easily transferable to civilian life. You can undertake study at further or higher education or take vocational courses.

There are wide ranging opportunities leading to careers including work experience and apprenticeships.

Your study (depending on type and depending on your length of service ) may be fully funded.

You can expect:

  • to be mentored if you request for a period of one year or longer if needed
  • to be supported through the journey from application to interview
  • help from staff within the college who will link on your behalf to whichever further or higher education institution you wish to attend


If you are within two years of having left service you may have attended the career transition partnership (CTP) and we recommend that all should do this. If you are still confused as to what is available and how to get the job you want, we will:

  • review your CV with you
  • help with applications
  • undertake prep interviews
  • provide feedback

Current opportunities

If you are considering a career in the NHS there are currently the following opportunities within some NHS Trusts:

  • pre-employment packages
  • apprenticeships
  • volunteering
  • work experience
  • cadet programmes ( for early service leavers or for family members)
  • work opportunities

Starting your own business

Starting your own business can be a good option. We can:

  • signpost you to funding streams that can be utilised
  • provide advice and guidance to those wishing to take this route
  • link to those who have already taken this route
  • provide ongoing support